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SEO mistakes that kill your web positioning. Learn to avoid them.

We all know the importance that SEO implies for your web page, since your visibility in search engines such as Google will depend on these.

Many talk about how to improve your SEO positioning, but little tells you about the mistakes you can make in the search for that optimization.

Today at D21 Marketing Agency we will tell you some of the most common SEO mistakes so that you can avoid them and improve your position in the search results.

Excessive or irrelevant keywords

First, Mr. San Google detects an excessive and forced use of the keyword, it can also determine if your content is real and of value, so if you use the well-known "keyword stuffing" (or excessive use of keywords)

This is one of the mistakes to avoid! While it's important to include relevant keywords in your content, overdoing it can be seen as an attempt to manipulate search results. Also, using irrelevant keywords can negatively affect your website's ranking in search results.

We recommend using relevant keywords and focusing on the quality and relevance of the content.

Duplicate content

Something you should avoid AT ALL COSTS is duplicate content or plagiarism.

Yeah! Thousands of pages will write on the same topic, but remember that each person has a way of writing and each one gives a special touch to their article.

Search engines penalize duplicate content, as it negatively affects the user experience and can be seen as low-quality content. So you must make sure that your content is original and unique to avoid penalties.

It is clearly not bad to look elsewhere for inspiration, but NEVER copy yourself.

Thin content

Writing little is bad and writing a lot is bad too. You must find a middle ground in which your users feel comfortable. If you write little you can ignore many things, but if you write a lot it can become repetitive.

But at this point, little writing is counterproductive and something to avoid. Remember that valuable content will please your readers and will be able to satisfy their search desires. Rich content generates dwell time and higher user retention.

Missing title tags and meta descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are important for improving SEO. Title tags are the main heading of a page, while meta descriptions are a brief description of the page content that appears in search results.

Both must include relevant keywords and be attractive to your audience. Lack of title tags and meta descriptions can negatively affect the rankings of your website.

Slow loading speed.

That users have the best experience is important, so if your web page loads slowly it can negatively affect the user experience and be penalized by search engines.

You should optimize the loading speed of your website by compressing images, reducing the amount of unnecessary content, and using speed optimization tools.

Ideally, your page loads in less than 2 seconds.

Not having a design adaptable to mobile devices.

There are no excuses for your page not to have an adaptable design for mobile phones or a "responsive" design. The vast majority of people use the phone to search for all the information, so it is important that your website adapts to any device and thus improve the user experience and positioning in search results.

DON´T trust templates that claim to be responsive, always check that your page and design fit perfectly on all devices.

Websites that do not have a mobile-responsive design can be penalized by search engines and lose visibility.

Wrong keywords

Using too many keywords in an error, but using the wrong ones is fatal. When we use keywords that are too generic, even though they have more searches, many times it does not help our SEO positioning, since they are very competitive words.

We recommend you do a keyword research beforehand to analyze what users in your niche are looking for. Also, use more specific keywords, which include more terms and where there is less competition.

SEO requires work, experimentation and experience, you are not an overnight expert, that is why it is important to carry out a prior analysis and thus avoid these errors.

There is no magic answer for the positioning of your website, it is only a matter of trial and error, like everything in life.

We would like to know, with this article, have you detected any of these errors on your website?

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