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Artificial Intelligence: The new ally of marketing agencies?

Have you ever wondered how marketing agencies could improve their work thanks to AI?

Artificial Intelligence has not only changed the world of technology, but it is also transforming the world of marketing. With its use, companies can now produce content quickly and efficiently. This is because they design content based on previously identified patterns and also learn quickly from previous data.

This trend is becoming more and more frequent, marketing agencies and everyone who works in the advertising world (like us) need to be at the forefront so as not to be left behind.

With AI we can analyze consumer data and their behavior, providing valuable information that will help us create more effective messages, improving decision-making, thus creating more relevant content to reach our target audience.

But we all have a big question: Will it take away the work of content creators and copywriters? Let's talk a bit about that.

At our agency we believe that nothing can replace the human touch, although AI is helping us greatly to facilitate the creation of content and get ideas, it will never be the same!

Let's talk about 4 points in which the human undoubtedly wins.

Creativity First: Human-created content is more creative and unique. Since it is based on personal experiences, perspectives and emotions. On the contrary, the content of the AI is only based on data already existing on the web.

Quality: The quality of the content can vary depending on the individual, but as we mentioned in the previous point, we think that human quality is better than AI based on previous knowledge, experience and research.

Contextual understanding: AI does not have the depth of contextual understanding that we humans have.

Emotions, opinions, and authenticity: AI content is unquestionably nuanced, while humans have the ability to be natural and convey a wide range of emotions.

Lastly, purpose: Human-created content has a purpose, such as to entertain or persuade. While the AI focuses on large volumes of content, achieving somewhat mediocre results.

One advantage is that AI can analyze historical data, consumer behavior and then create strategic content specifically targeted at the target group. Therefore, companies can save time and resources by adding AI to their content strategies and make content more relevant to their consumers.

How about we talk about ChatGPT?

It is one of the most used AI currently, it was developed in 2022 and since its birth it has been the boom! for content creation.

But, there is always a but, being an artificial intelligence and even more because it is just starting, it requires human supervision, improvement and editing to provide the expected results.

But it can also be of great help and make our work easier. That is why we will tell you some techniques on how to take advantage of it to facilitate the creation of content when our brain no longer has ideas.

-Generate content ideas

ChatGPT can create titles and provide them with content ideas that we can then further develop.

-Copy editing

I think it's a big plus, since the AI can review the content, it helps to improve its quality and at the same time correcting grammatical errors that we miss.


Super important, ChatGPT can help marketers generate keyword ideas that they can then use to create content plans for blogs and social media.

These and many more advantages you can obtain with this AI, but you will discover them little by little with its use.

It is evident that it is an invaluable tool for marketing agencies, because it will save us time and money by replacing repetitive tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the game for a lot in the world of marketing. Therefore, we must be aware of the latest trends in AI and know how this tool will help us create quality content.

Artificial intelligence is a big step for content production and data analysis, we must take advantage of it.

As a marketing agency we will certainly take a more in-depth look at each of the AIs that are emerging to offer them better content and see what happens.

And you, will you join the trend of Artificial Intelligence?

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