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Increase your sales with E-Commerce

The D21 agency offers you the best solutions in digital marketing so that you can grow and prosper your business through online platforms.

Our world has undergone a transformation as a result of the pandemic and with it we have changed our way of relating to it, giving prominence to new communication and information technologies. Many companies and ventures have taken advantage of the use of digital tools to publicize their products and services and sell them online. This is where E-Commerce has positioned itself as a key tool to increase sales and generate new income. But what is E-Commerce? E-Commerce consists of the distribution, sale, purchase, marketing and supply of information about products or services through the Internet. When you make purchases online, you are basically using this tool. It starts when a potential customer discovers a product and continues with the purchase, use and, if possible, customer loyalty. Data fuels the most successful E-Commerce operations, leveraging strategies like email marketing, audience segmentation, and marketing automation. E-Commerce offers you endless benefits that can boost your sales by increasing your income: You can sell your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your brand, products or services get more visibility due to the use of social networks and web tools.

You increase the client portfolio being able to reach new clients, even in other latitudes. Your costs go down, since you don't have to pay for all the infrastructure of a physical store.

Your brand is in constant movement, since it is a way of innovating. You provide a better service by improving and personalizing your sales. In our Marketing agency you have the best services to support you in this new stage of your business or enterprise that will help you reach a greater potential audience to sell your products or services. Our E-Commerce service includes: Components of the Advanced Web Page:

  • Subscription plans with recurring and automatic payments.

  • Receive online payments from customers by Debit / Credit cards, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Mercado Pago, among others

  • Inventory platform, quotes and invoices.

  • Custom E-Commerce Store Design: Price plans for physical and/or digital products, Reservation calendar, product store, restaurants, hotels, real estate and many more options and features

  • List up to 50 products or services on the website.

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