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3 Digital Marketing Strategies to inspire you

We live in a digitalized world. Most of our time is spent using digital media.

The presence in social networks and the internet today is essential for companies and individuals who promote products and services, as it opens a range of possibilities helping them to expand far beyond where they are reaching new horizons.

Our agency D21 has qualified personnel offering the best solutions in digital marketing to expand your business through the presence in digital media.

Examples of successful marketing campaigns

This time we want to share with you 3 successful examples of Digital Marketing that can inspire you to create innovative campaigns:


The Philippine advertising agency MullenLowe created a very funny campaign for the hamburger brand Wendy's "Find the Burger", which consisted of a Facebook live and develop a dynamic with their followers to guess in which location it was being transmitted and if they succeeded they won a hamburger, an ingenious strategy to achieve greater interaction, don't you think?


Nike stands out for its great advertising campaigns, creating a brand story as one of the most emotional digital marketing strategies to engage the target customer. Its strategy is not only based on the characteristics of its products, but also "sells a story" getting the public to identify and engage with the brand.


This brand knew how to attract and interact with its fans through a campaign that sought to awaken its audience and to find out if the product would be well received. It started with a Twitter poll that read, "Do you want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for "yes" and we'll launch it?".

Around 930,000 users participated in this poll, and with 55% of the votes in favor, the brand affirmed that its product would reach the market.

Creativity at the service of a good strategy can have a positive impact on your brand.

What are you waiting for to achieve success with an innovative digital marketing strategy for your company or enterprise?

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