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Advantages of opening my own E-commerce

As the days go by, the world is heading towards the digital age, where online marketing is currently having great importance when it comes to promoting a product. In these times, all companies are turning to online marketing, this being cheaper than the conventional one that they had been knowing, as well as the opening of online stores to be able to boost their sales and give the customer a simple and pleasant experience to be able to make their purchases. from the comfort of your home. But what are those advantages that an online store offers me, here we explain it to you.

Benefits of E-Commerce

1.- Reduce costs. Having an online store helps you reduce your costs where it will no longer be necessary to pay for a physical establishment in its entirety, as well as help you save personnel, since the development of an ecommerce is an investment that in the long run you will be able to see its benefits and has a minimum maintenance cost.

2.- Generates loyalty with customers. There are not many companies that offer a good e-shopping experience, and there are still thousands that do not have an online presence. This is an opportunity to ensure that your customers enjoy that experience, mainly by offering them a wide range of products, good prices and ease of use of the platforms, as well as various payment options.

3.- Attention and Guarantee of Total Satisfaction. E-commerce sites know the importance of customer service and they know that in most cases not even seeing or touching a product is how the final purchase decision is made, so they have a chat to advise you during the choice of product, as well as a Total Satisfaction Guarantee, in which customers have 30 days after the product arrives to return it and request a refund of their money if the items did not meet their expectations. If a customer is satisfied with their purchase experience of a product, they will surely return to the site and make their recommendation to everyone they know.

4.- Greater public reach. By buying and selling online, products are available to everyone from anywhere and at any time, 365 days a year. In addition, there are more than 350 million active users on the Internet, that is, it has a much larger audience than those who could pass through a physical store. Without a doubt, the possibilities for growth and the reach of the Internet are spectacular.

5.- Security for the seller and the buyer. One of the main reasons why Internet users still do not dare to buy online is due to ignorance and/or mistrust in the use of online payment systems; however, selling through verified electronic platforms with which the user feels confident to be able to make their payments, as well as the SSL certificate so that they are sure that their data will not be used for malicious purposes.

6.- Ease of delivery of products. Some users consider that a risk of online shopping is that the merchandise does not arrive correctly or on time, but there are more and more logistics companies that offer fast, efficient and safe delivery services, with affordable prices. Also, offering them a channel where they can make their inquiries regarding their orders will give them more confidence and they will feel that their purchase is safe.

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